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If you are a sports big fan, any kind of sport, you might understand clearly how supporting your favorite team or favorite player directly on the match will be way more fun that watching on TV. Besides, not all of the game of your favorite team reported live on TV so it will be better if you can see it directly as a supporter. The problem is, there are a lot of supporters that have the same thinking as you now. This condition make it quite difficult to get the tickets you need, you might even have to stand on queue for hours to get the ticket.

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Senoaji mengatakan... @ 16 Januari 2009 18.47

pertamaaxxxx first...

Senoaji mengatakan... @ 16 Januari 2009 18.51

nice post, waduh bingung ngomngnya piye ya?



suryaden mengatakan... @ 16 Januari 2009 18.52

wow..., its interesting
i really love basketball...

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